So, here we are!
Welcome to web-site, where two designers Wol4ica and Irina will make a free layouts, avatars, banners, wallpapers etc for your fan-sites. Find out, in what terms will you get something for free here. And pleas, let us know what would you like to see here more.

So we have moved now! Because the hosting do not wan to work correctly.
Please change your bookmarks or affiliate links to Not everything is working jet, but it will not be for long. And the orders that I got to our mail, will be done soon as my internet will start work again at home.
Posted on 11 Mar 2009 by admin
I really would like to update, but we seem to have a problems with our host. Just can't upload anything to the account. Hope it will change soon. crying
Posted on 05 Mar 2009 by admin
New avatars
Hi, we're sorry for not updating our project for so long! Irina is making a new layout for her own website. I was busy at work and updating my fan listings.
But enough words. Here are some new avatars from tv-shows like Moonlight,2007 and Beauty and the Beast,1987. Pretty romantic tv-series. Well it is a st. Valentine day:)
With next update here will be a new layout for you to download also.

Posted on 14 Feb 2009 by admin
New layouts. Georgie Henley
Another layout with Georgie Henley.
Posted on 14 Dec 2008 by admin
Happy Thanks Giving
I know it will only tomorrow but still, I want to wish you all that.
In my country we do not celebrate it, but in USA where Irina lives, the do:)

New avatars/icons "Underworld" & "Blood and Chocolate" movies. And a new brush set fro photoshop, "Snowflakes" since it's real Winter outside!
Posted on 27 Nov 2008 by admin
New Layout: Colin Firth
Finaly, after a long time, new free-layout for you to use.
This time it's Colin Firth the wanted man. Hope you like it.
Posted on 07 Nov 2008 by Wol4ica
Halloween. Icons
So hi there!
Tomorrow is Halloween, but I have to post this update a bit earlier. Sorry for that.
So, 4 new icons that are devoted to Halloween, 2007 movie. Nice, hah?
But this time, that is all. Until next time!
Have a good party and mood!
Posted on 29 Oct 2008 by Wol4ica
Hi there!
So, whats new? A new layout, as you can see. It is Autumn right, and I do like the movie "PS. I Love You".
Also, avatars/icons are moved to the Gallery. Not all of them are there, but it's not for long.
And I decided to use CuteNews.
Posted on 26 Oct 2008 by admin
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